Monday, 30 November 2009

Unexplained Absenteeism

Apologies for not posting round these parts lately (although I see not very much has been happening in my absence). I have been settling into my new post - which has largely entailed making a mess of my office, working out how to use the photocopier for all important article-copying purposes (it is now broken, but this event has nothing to do with me), and finding the supply of coffee down the art history corridor. So not too shabby, then; I suppose I did do a couple of lectures and some seminars along the way, too. I also found the first case of plagiarism this academic year in my new institution - a dubious honour, indeed.

(The less said about the 'research' malarkey, the better, I think. I have good intentions, I promise.) I have also been exploring whole new worlds with regular study trips to places with large classics libraries in buildings with classically-inspired exteriors. Whole new worlds, indeed. (See, I have been doing research, it just hasn't materialised into anything cohesive yet. The ideas, they are amorphous, and in my head but not yet on the page.)

Monday, 28 September 2009

Jay-Z 4 Odysseus?

According to Perez Hilton (don't'cha just love my impecable journalistic sources?), American rapper Jay-Z has cited Homer's Odyssey as one of the six books that have "made a difference in his life" in O, The Oprah Magazine of all places.

"This epic poem was kind of difficult for me to get through, but it has a beautiful rhythm. I got lost in reading about Odysseus’ struggle to get home and his longing for someone so strong, as his wife was, waiting for him. That’s like a dream—that kind of strength, love, loyalty."

Nothing about his philandering, cheating and flirting with underage young ladies (Nausicaa, I'm looking at you), then?

Thursday, 24 September 2009


Ok, so I'm all for fashion, but this - to my taste - is going a bit too far:

A company called Unconditional are producing tights for men - or 'mantyhose' - and claiming them to be the hot tip for the man about town this winter. I'm just not feeling that at all.

Friday, 18 September 2009

Classical Nomenclature

The boy's place of work recently held a competition to name a previously unnamed building. The winning name was the 'Minerva Building' - somewhat predictable, I suppose, but with suitable connotations of wisdom and bellicosity. (Is that a word?)

The boy, however, is most disappointed.

He wanted to call it 'Ian'.

Which made me laugh. Very loudly.

Ooh, Ooh, Ooh: Christopher Kane for Topshop

Look! The new Christopher Kane line has landed at Topshop! And I think I want them all - so it's probably a really good job I don't have any money right now, huh? And also that you can only buy 5 items from the collection.

Mesh, gems, eyelets and big crocodile teeth feature highly. Damn that Topshop website, they've disabled the copy function and I don't know how to get around that (and it's probably illegal, anyways), so I shall just link to my faves:

Crocodile teeth T-Shirt, £45.
Navy gem bust cup dress, £125.
Embellished leggings, £75. (Love!)
Pink embellished body, £75. (Also comes in black, but was getting bored of black by this point)
Mesh boots, £150.

Where would I wear them? Does it matter?

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Recognition, My Dearests

Two posts in one day!

Apologies for not acknowledging this earlier: our friends at Farrago have name-dropped us, so it is only fair to do the same back. My darlings, your labels are an art-form in themselves! Love and kisses to you all, but I'm afraid I don't have suitable quote to recite back.

So instead, I shall offer a picture and promise to add you to our faves now that I've finally managed to find you on blogger.

Eros and Psyche from the Capitoline, Roman copy of a Hellenistic original (2nd century, BC).

P.S. After some experimentation, Classicae et Fashionistae is now 'following' Farrago here on Blogger! xxx
P.P.S. That picture seemed like a good idea at the time, because I love the romance of that sculpture, but on reflection it's a tad too pornographic to truly represent our relationship, isn't it? Sorry guys... xxx

Spend a Penny

Finally, a post that mixes Classics and Fashion! Isn't this pendant a lovely idea? A cast of an ancient coin on a chain, so simple but so effective. I actually think that this might have to go on my birthday/christmas list this year...

And, in case you were worried, I quote the words of the crafter:
"**No actual ancient coins were harmed in the making of this necklace**"

The necklace is on Etsy and is priced at $45, by seller SmartBird.

[EDITOR'S NOTE: I lie: I have actually already posted on Classics and Fashion when I went off on one about Medea...]